Wednesday, October 22, 2008






Ø Qualified drivers are invited for the Grand finale with no registration fee.
Ø All Modification should be done before registration.
Ø Registration will start at 12noon
· Register for attendance
· Inspection of 4WD Machine
· Impound of 4WD Machine
Ø All participants’ 4WD Machine should be Impounded by 1245pm.
Ø Race format will be in ‘christmas tree’ format.
Ø Basic Rules and Regulations applies ( same as Qualifying rounds).

RACE FORMAT ( Total 40 Finalists)
Ø A total of 6 rounds to finals
Ø 3 racers will compete together as a group at one time.
Ø Winner(s) will be decided on whoever reaches the finishing line first.
Ø A racer will immediately retire from a race if their machine leaves the track, flips over, jumps into another lane, or if their car’s body detaches during the race.
Ø Every Round there will be a reshuffling of groups.
Ø 1 pair of Tamiya Battery will be issued to all Mini 4WD racers , a fresh pair will be only be given to semi-finalists.
Ø No sharing of battery be allowed among racers.

Round 1
Ø all 40 participants will be grouped into 14groups
· 2 participants from each group will advance to round 2

Round 2
Ø Balance of 26 participants will be groups into 9 groups
· 2 participants from each group will advance to round 3

Round 3
Ø Balance of 17 participants will be grouped into 6 groups
· 1 participant from each group will advance to round 4

Round 4
Ø Balance of 6 participants will be grouped into 2 groups
· 2 participants from each group will be advance to round 5

Round 5 (Semi Final)
Ø Balance of 4 participants will be grouped into 2 groups
· 2 participants will qualify into the Final Rounds

3rd Position Challenge
Ø Challenge for the 3rd position

Final Round
Ø Challenge for Rights to compete in Tamiya Mini 4WD World Championship 2008


1100 ~ 1145am Track Open for Practice (At Racers' Own Risk)

1200 ~ 1245pm Registration
Impound of 4WD Machine
Draw lots for the Grouping list

1 pm ~ 1.20 pm Round 1

1.20 pm ~ 1.35 pm Reshuffling of Groups

1.35 pm ~ 1.55 pm Round 2

1.55 pm ~ 2.10 pm Reshuffling of Groups

2.10 pm ~ 2.30 pm Round 3

2.30 pm ~ 2.40 pm Reshuffling of Groups

2.40 pm ~ 2.50 pm Round 4

2.50 pm ~ 3 pm Reshuffling of Groups

3 pm ~ 3.10 pm Round 5 (Semi Final)

3.10 pm ~ 3.20 pm Reshuffling of Groups

3.20 pm ~ 3.25 pm 3rd Position Challenge

3.25 pm ~ 3.30 pm Final

Basic Rules and Regulations for Grand Finale 2008

A) Car Regulations
All participating cars must be 4-wheel drive. Cars modified to be rear wheel drive or front wheel drive are prohibited. All participating cars must have a body, either painted or with stickers applied, securely mounted on the chassis. Homemade bodies are prohibited. All cars must go through car inspection, and cars that fail to comply with the inspection warnings will not be allowed to race.

B) Car Measuring System All chassis will be subject to the
same measuring system as shown below.

Maximum Car Width: Under 105mm
Maximum Car Height: Under 70mm
Maximum Car Length: Under 165mm
Minimum Ground Clearance: At least 1mm
Minimum Car Weight (including batteries and motor): At least 120g
Front and Rear Tires: Diameter: 22-35mm, Width: 8-26mm
*Note that tires must be attached.
Rollers: Maximum of 8 installations total
(double rollers count as 1 installation, stabilizer poles do not count at all)

C) Motor RegulationsOnly the Torque-Tuned Motor PRO can be used.
Motor modifications are absolutely not allowed. If any traces of modification such as removal of motor end caps are found, the racer will not be allowed to participate in the race.
Use of motor tune-up sprays is prohibited.
Only Tamiya Cleaner Spray be allowed to be used.

D) Battery Regulations
Only hand-out battery allowed to be used.If battery are damaged in anyway during the competition , no exchange will be allowed.

E) A fresh pair will be given only to the semi-finalists.

F) Modification RegulationsPlease follow the guidelines below when modifying your car. Also note that for modifications not listed, race officials will have the final absolute authority to grant or deny their use.

1) Chassis modifications are limited to cutting holes out of the stock chassis.
Homemade chassis and homemade parts are prohibited.

2) Parts used for modification are limited to Tamiya Mini 4WD, R/C Mini 4WD, and Dangun Racer parts only. No Radio control parts are allowed to be used.

3) Part modifications are limited to cutting away plastic material or making holes in the stock part.

4) Gear modifications are limited to making holes or shaving away material to reduce weight and installing ball bearings. All running gears must be installed according to the set gear ratios.

5) Only kit-included battery terminals or Grade-Up Part battery terminals, installed according to the instruction manuals, may be used. Soldering or double-plated terminals are prohibited.

6) Modifications that cause physical harm to the track, cause injury to any person, or release grease and/or other substances onto the track are all prohibited.

7) Modifications to the tire’s shape are allowed if they comply with the Car Measuring System outlined above. However, changing the material properties of the tire surface (including, but not limited to, applying glue or other substances to the tire surface) are prohibited.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Upcoming Mini 4WD Race.... 04 October 2008 Saturday

Happening at SMART PLAY Blk 154 Bukit Batok Street 11 #01-310

Time : 2.00pm - 6.30pm

Entry : $1.00

Race Regulations ;
a) All Tamiya Chassis and parts allowed to be used
b) All Tamiya Mini 4WD Car must have body cover
c) 4 Wheel Drive
d) Only Sanyo Alkaline batteries are allowed

*Please note that a Fresh pair of batteries must be used during every attempt.

Organised By : SMART PLAY , dealer for Tamiya Mini 4WD.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Upcoming Mini 4WD races on 13th ,14th ,20th and 21st Sep 2008 will be held at The Heeren ,Orchard Road.

There will be 2 categories : Mini Formula Racing and Mini 4WD Challenge.

Mini Formula Racing - 2.00 - 4.30pm
Mini 4WD Challenge - 5.00 - 7.00pm

Thursday, August 21, 2008

In celebration of Stargek's 4th Anniversary , starting tomorrow ,Tamiya showroom will have storewide discount of 20% to almost everything. (please ask sales staff for assistance) , right up to 31st August 2008.

Please drop by to take a look at a wide range of Tamiya and Stargek products.

Thank you.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Race Procedure & Format

Participants should fully understand the rules & regulations before participating into the competition.

He/She will proceed to the registration counter for race registration before registration close
a) Students pass, personal identication card or a deposit of $10.00 will be in exchange for the Numbers tag.
( NRIC are not acceptable )
b) Participant will receive a registration card , where you will need to fill in your particulars to qualify for the lucky draw.
( Each person can only register once , race results will be considered null if anyone found violating the rules.)

Number Tag has to be worn through out the whole competition especially during queuing.

Proceed to the inspection counter for car inspection, prior to your turn of racing.

Queue up by the side of the Track and wait for your turn to race your car.

3 Racers will race together , in the order of lane given by the official.

Top 2 racers from each individual race will advance to the next round
Stamp will be given onto registration card to racers who have advance.
Racer who did not qualify for next round , please drop your registration card in the box,to qualify for 'wildcard'(if needed) and lucky draw

Additional Official Sanyo Batteries can be purchased at the registration counter at $1.50 per pair.

Prize Presentation
a) Top 3 racers in each competitions will be rewarded with a Medal and a Tamiya prize.

Number Tag has to be returned after the prize presentation or after you have been eliminated from the competitions.

1. All cars have to be built using original Tamiya Mini 4WD parts and strictly following the instructions provided with those parts.
- Examples :
a) No addition of materials is to be added on the chassis (hot glue, epoxy, etc.).
b) 'O' rings or rubber rings are not allowed to replace the rubber tires.
c) For any enquires or in doubt please seek advice from the officials


2.No modifications or motor oil are allowed on the motor.

3.Only the Body Cover is allowed to be modified and or beautified.

4.No exchange of Mini 4wd Cars among participants are allowed.

5.One Number tag is allowed for each individual and it is non-transferable.

6.Participants who misuse the Number Tag will risk having the Race Result Voided.

7.Each participant is allowed to join all 3 competitions

a) Mini 4WD Stock Race - 2.00pm ~ 3.30pm , closing time for registration 1.30pm
b) Mini Formula Racing Challenge - 3.30pm ~ 5.00pm , closing time for registration 3.00pm
c) Mini 4WD PRO TOUR Challenge - 5.00pm ~ 7.00pm , closing time for registration 4.30pm

8.Only Sanyo Alkaline batteries sold by the officials are to be used.

9.Cars that go out of track or the Body Cover detached from the Chassis will be disqualified.

10.Number Tag has to be worn during queuing.

11.Strictly no jumping queue or queuing on behalf.

12.The organizers will not be liable for any losses or damages incurred by the participants.

13.The organizer reserves the rights to disqualify any car which does not fulfill the above rules and regulations.


Hi All Mini 4WD racers , we will have 3 different kinds of Tamiya Mini 4wd races for this coming friday ,08-08-08, at Compass Point.
Please see below for more information.

1) Mini 4WD Stock Race (2.00pm - 3.30pm) Registration Close 1.30pm

- any Tamiya Mini 4WD chassis (except MS Chassis)
- no modifications are allowed anywhere ( no bearing , stab.poles , alu roller ,etc..)
- only stock motor are allowed.
- basically straight forward ,out from the box Mini 4WD machines.
- use only Sanyo AA Alkaline Battery (can be purchased from counter)

2) Mini Formula Racing (3.30pm-5.00pm) Registration Close 3.00pm

- only Mini Formula chassis allowed.
- only specific modifications allowed ( bearing , rollers , ball guides)
- only stock motor are allowed.
- use only Sanyo AA Alkaline Battery (can be purchased from counter)

3) Mini 4WD PRO TOUR Challenge 2008 (5.00pm-7.00pm) Registration Close 4.30pm

- only MS chassis allowed.
- only Tamiya original parts be used.
- any Tamiya PRO motor to be used.
- use only Sanyo AA Alkaline Battery (can be purchased from counter)

All the above races are free entry , you can either purchase the Tamiya Mini 4WD racers at the booth counter or bring your existing ones to race.
You can only JOIN ONCE in each of the competitions.

Come join us this Friday !

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The next Tamiya Asia Cup Qualifying (Singapore) Championship 2008 Grand Finale , THE FINAL RACE , will be held in Compasspoint ,Sengkang on 10 Aug 2008.
On this day , Team Singapore for Tamiya Asia Cup Finals in Malaysia will be unveiled.
Come September ,a total of 16 local r/c lads will be competing with Asia's best drivers in 1Utama Shopping Centre , in Petaling Jaya ,Kuala Lumpur.

They will fighting for the chance to represent Asia in the Tamiya Worlds Championship 2008 which to be held in Shizuoka ,Japan in November.

As a preview to this Grand Finale , a Tamiya Enduro Challenge will be organised on 09 Aug (National Day) , to showcase Tamiya Expert Built Porsche Cayenne in an exciting 180minutes of racing among 10-12 teams of r/c drivers.
Be sure to check all this radio control racing cars in action !

If you prefer a smaller scale of Tamiya racing , why don't you check out the Tamiya Mini 4WD PRO Tour Challenge , on 08 Aug 2008 from 2pm -7pm ?
It is open to all ages and details will be released soon....

That's all ,folks

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tamiya Asia Cup Qualifying Championship Round 5 , Top 10 Drivers

Leisure Park Kallang 06 July 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Top 3 drifters - Alan , Bin ,Vwongji

lucky draw time......
Lucky Alan..

Drifters on 07 June 2008 @ Far East Plaza

Alan and Bin in action , wow with Tamiya babes !!

Tamiya Asia Cup Qualifying Round 4

These are the Tamiya Asia Cup Qualifying Championship Round 4 Top 10 R/C drivers from the respective 4 categories , accompanied by our Tamiya babes , Queenie , Candice and Bel !

All actions from Far East Plaza , on 08 June 2008.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tamiya New Items In Shizuoka

New Porsche 935 'Martini'
Much awaited Nissan GT-R
F-16C ThunderBird

Tamiya New Items in Shizuoka

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The next round of Tamiya Asia Cup Qualifying Championship Round 03 will be held in Playground @ Big Splash on 04 May 2008 Sunday.

On 03 May 2008 Saturday , be sure to come down and see all the Singapore drifters in action with their mean looking machines, doing all the fanciful drifting styles and corners.

Also we will be looking at an Enduro race starting from the late afternoon.

There will be a Tamiya Formula Demonstration race , organised just for the crowd to enjoy.

Lots of fun and activities , right here at Playground @ Big Splash , where everyday is playday !

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The New 'In' Tamiya R/C Crawler - Toyota Landcruiser 40
For actual thing , you can come to Tamiya showroom to view it.

Know What's Happening !

This is a new blog being setup by me , just to let every Tamiya fans in Singapore to know more about this hobby and brand.
I will try to include some details and pictures of any new items that are going to be released , to the best of my knowledge.

Let's enjoy this hobby!