Friday, November 25, 2011

Tamiya World Championship Finals 2011

In conjunction with the Tamiya Fair 2011, the Tamiya World Championship Finals 2011 was held at the same venue the Twin Messe of Shizuoka.

And we are proud to announce that our local hero, the GT Asia Cup Finals 2011 Champion, Mr. Nicholas Lee had fly our Singapore Flag high once again with Victory in the GT-A class. ( the fastest of the classes that was raced) He started off Day 1 of the timed practice setting the fasted lap of the day. But didn't had a good Day 2 of qualifying see him drop down the standing to 5th spot but on Day 3, the final qualifying session brings hope again with him setting the fastest single lap timing of the whole weekend of 15.445s the only driver that beat the mark of 15.5s.

With that he qualified 4th for the 20laps finals. 1st finals saw him taking over the 2nd spot with just 2 laps into the race and eventually taking over the lead in lap 15 saw him taking the Win for the 1st finals. The 2nd finals is not as great with the accident packed first 3corners which sent his car into the barriers damaged the car and he had to retire from the 2nd finals with just 2 laps into the race. 3rd finals is the deciding run. Filled with accidents and excitement saw Nicholas dropped to 8th place and chased up to the leader and overtaking the leader with just 2 laps to go marks a New Tamiya World Champion.

Congrats to the New Tamiya World Champion. And Well Done for flying the Singapore flag so high !!

here are some of the pictures of the Event:

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