Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tamiya Mini 4WD Annual Race 2011

DATE : 11th December 2011 Sunday

TIME : 12.00pm – 5.00pm

VENUE : Kiddy Palace , Toa Payoh Hub 3rd Floor

RACE FORMAT : Time Attack Qualifying (Clock Fast Timing to qualify for Finals)
KnockOut Finals

ONLY SANYO ALKALINE AA’ batteries can be used for this race


1 M4 PRO (Only Tamiya M4WD PRO Chassis/Motors can be used)
( Only 27 racers will qualify for the ‘Round-Robins’ KnockOut Finals)

2 M4 Junior (only 14yrs below)
(Only selected Tamiya M4WD PRO Chassis/Atomic & Rev-Tuned motor/Parts can be used)
(Only 27 racers will qualify for KnockOut Finals)

(SGD 5.00 per 10 attempts (except Junior Challenge – No Fee)

Junior Category: 12:00pm ~ 2:30pm QUALIFYING
2:45pm ~ 3:15pm FINALS

PRO Category: 12:00pm ~ 3:00pm QUALIFYING
3:30pm ~ 4:30pm FINALS
Prize Presentation: 4:45pm

M4 PRO RULES: (This is for a specific M4 Chassis only which is the MS PRO chassis.)
1. Open to all ages
2. Only M4WD MS PRO Chassis can join
3. Original tires no modifications whatsoever
4. The TOP 27 will proceed to the ‘ Round Robin ‘ Final.
5. Registration Fee of SgD5.00 for a race ticket for 10 attempts
6. Succeeding race tickets will be SgD5.00 each good for 10 attempts

Round Robin Final Format for M4 PRO:
1. Race will be run in group format. (3 Groups)
- Each Group will have 9 racers and each racer will have 4 runs each
- Points will be awarded to each racer every run.
- Top 3 racers with lowest points in each group will advance into the Semi-Finals Stage
- Semi-Finals will see racers in 'Round Robin' Stage
- Top 3 Racers will advance into the Final run

JUNIOR RULES: (This race is for the children most especially the beginners.)
1. Only 14 years old and below can join
2. Only Original Tires are allowed (No modification: sanding/filing/etc)
3. One (1) Pair of FRP/carbon/aluminum plates
4. One (1) Pair of stabilizing poles and mass dampers
5. Three (3) Pairs of rollers only (plastic/Aluminum)
6. Only MS PRO Chassis allowed
7. Only REV-TUNED PRO, ATOMIC PRO or STOCK motors are allowed
8. The TOP 27 will proceed to the KnockOut Final.

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