Thursday, July 26, 2012

1.      Prepare a valid ID preferably with picture to register and get an M4 Race Pass (MRP), 1 car = 1 pass = 1 entry.  One person is allowed up to two entries only in each category.
2.      All cars participating in the Mini-4WD races should be using genuine Tamiya products.
3.      All screw ends must be fitted with Mini-4WD ball head set, no sharp edges exposed.
4.      All cars must be 4-Wheel Drive, 2-Wheel Drive strictly not allowed.
5.      Only the allowed official alkaline batteries can be used during the race.
6.      Racers must submit their cars to a random check by Marshals during the Q.
7.      No racers are allowed to pick up the cars during the Races.
8.      Marshals can give warnings, add between 2 ~ 5 seconds to the racer’s fastest lap and/or disqualify racers for any violation of the above general rules.
9.      Be considerate and courteous with your fellow racers at all times.
10. Race Officials’ decision is final.
1.      Racers must present their MRPs and time cards during the qualifying races.
2.      In each Q a racer can only try his/her own car entry once together with two other racers in the same category.  Official can choose and/or change the players in each qualifying race.
3.      In each 3-Player Race, the first racer that completes 3 laps will be considered the winner of that particular race.
4.      Winners will be given stickers on their Time Cards and must collect at least 3 BLUE* stickers for MS Pro Category & at least 3 RED* stickers for Open Category.
5.      Racers can go as many races as their Time Cards allow until they get the required stickers.
6.      Racers that accumulated 3 stickers in each category must race with other racers with the same number of stickers to get at least 1 GOLD* sticker and up to 2 GOLD* stickers.
7.      Only the FIRST 27 racers with 2 gold stickers will proceed to the Tree Elimination Finals.
8.      If in cases the racers with 2 gold stickers are less than 27 then the racers with 1 gold sticker will fight for the vacant position for the Finals as wild cards.
9.      Any objection/complain from the racers must be raised to the officiating official before the start of the next race or the previous race is considered finished.
10. One car in both race categories will be awarded Concours d’Elegance for displaying best finish, best workmanship and overall appearance using all Tamiya parts.  Cars should be able to complete the current track layout to join.
( * may change to stamps or other colors during the actual race )
RACE 07: 29th JULY 2012 Kiddy Palace Toa Payoh Hub Level 3
1.      Open to all ages
2.      Only TAMIYA M4WD MS PRO Chassis can join
3.      Tamiya Original tires no modifications whatsoever
4.      The FIRST 27 will proceed to the Finals
5.      Registration Fee of SGD5.00 for a race ticket equal to 10 attempts.
1.      Open to all ages
2.      All TAMIYA M4WD Chassis can join
3.      Tires Modifications allowed as long as it is a tire shape.  No O-rings allowed as tires.
4.      The FIRST 27 will proceed to the KnockOut Final.
5.      Registration Fee of SGD5.00 for a race ticket equal to 10 attempts.
M4 JUNIOR :  (This race is for the children most especially the beginners.)
1.      Open to children 12years and below with TIME-ATTACK QUALIFYING
2.      Any TAMIYA M4WD Chassis can join
3.      Only Tamiya Original Tires are allowed (No modification: sanding/filing/etc)
4.      One (1) Pair of stabilizing poles and One (1) pair of mass dampers + One (1) block damper
5.      Three (3) pieces of FRP supports only
6.      Three (3) Pairs of Rollers only (plastic/Aluminum/bearings)
7.      Only Rev, Torque, Atomic Tuned motors are allowed (includes PRO motors)
8.      The TOP 27 will proceed to the KnockOut Final.